Round-timber sorting plant

 Commissioning for servicing a round-timber sorting and sizing plant in Yugoslavia, including error detection and supervision of re-start with Logistat-I-Si system.

Development of standard menu

 Development of a standard menu for S5-115U and MMI "Lauer PCS-110" with the following functions:

Motor control, Valve control and valve monitoring, Step control and monitoring, PLC manipulations ( control of variables ), Data Base  manipulations

Thread forming machine

 Development of software for a boring and thread forming machine with System SUCCOS PS316. Commissioning of the machine at the Kloeckner-Moeller plant in Cologne.

Trade-fair model

 Development of software for a multi-function machine tool for boring and thread forming with an MMI "Lauer PCS-110", a  AMK  and a S5-100U/103.

Standard function for an MMI

 Writing of a program on Simatic S5-115U to be used as standard program for communication between the programming interface of the PLC an a Man-Machine-Interface.

Automatic handler - Roller transposition at an aluminium plant in Belgium

 Writing of program for Allan Bradley PLC2 on the basis of the function-time diagram of a roller change-over. Supervision of erection and commissioning.

Slitting and rewinding machines for polyester film

 Commissioning of slitting and rewinding machines in India and China. Frequency controled drive units with REFU and controled by SIMADYN-D. Hardware check, commissioning of two machines in China; one machine in India, and servicing of a rewinder in India.

Visualisization of an opencast mining excavator

 Programming of  Visualization with WIZCON 5 at a Industrial-PC with Windows NT 4.0 and connect to Simatic-S7 with Profibus FMS. Commissioning and startup.


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